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Combs Bee Farm

235 West Center Street
Milford Center OH 43045

235 West Center Street | Milford Center OH 43045 | 937.537.1739

2021 Bee Sales update! Packages are almost sold out ! We still have Ohio Nucs pickup only. We are now starting our queen preorder list

2021 February 9

To place your order for bees just hit the drop down menu and go to the shop page, there you can place your order for next spring. Believe it or not, we are already building boxes, aquiring syrup cans, screen, and all the raw materials to make it all happen. This year has been a great year for the bees! Our bees have managed to bring in a record honey crop for spring and summer.  However, the fall crop was a bust for us, which makes for a lot more work and a big feed bill to get the bees through the winter and with the early frost that we have had already, has made for a lot of long days before the bees are all clustered.  I looked at the calander last year and we were still pulling honey October 25th.  Also on a side note, the Family Farm & Home stores in Madison, Findlay, Mansfield, Bucyrus, Austintown Streetsboro, Warren, and Alliance  are now carrying all of our honey products. We hope to have product in the eight remaining stores in Ohio soon.

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