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2020 Honey Bee sales have started!

2019 November 3

We are now taking deposits for 2020 3LB packages and 4 frame nucs with our Ohio queens . We will be limiting the number of nucs this year, so don't wait to place your order. We are limiting nucss because we need to increase honey production for 2020 so we can meet the demand for our retail stores. Last year we had a tough spring which delayed all the nucs til the end of June and we apologize for that, if you opted to forward your order to this year we will put you on the front of the list . All the wet weather kept us out of the yards and delayed the bees on spring buildup and made it impossible to get good mated queens early . Going forward, our bees made lots of honey in late summer and look great going into winter and we are confident we will have good overwintering success. We will spend much of the month of March and April in south Georgia taking queen stock down for grafting and Inspecting and checking the bees that will be put into the packages. We are also focusing more on instrumental insemination this coming year to help improve our breeding stock for our queen rearing operation. 

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